August Newsletter

on Wednesday, 09 September 2015.

Dear Friends and Family,
Greetings in Jesus name. Attached, please find our Newsletter and  rejoice with us on the Lord's doing in and through Imani Ministries. We share some of the testimonies from our listeners and viewers on how God has changed and transformed their lives. We also include some outreach ministries that we have been engaged in during the month of August as we appraise you of our monthly vigil night prayers as well.

I trust that you will find these encouraging and may the good Lord bless you and your ministries. Regards and blessings

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More than 100 Kenyan wildlife species seriously threatened by extinction

on Tuesday, 06 October 2015.

More than 100 Kenyan wildlife species seriously threatened by extinction

There are more than 100 species of Kenya´s wildlife that are seriously threatened by extinction with their numbers of population having more than halved in the past three decades.

The study which is revealing those information was worked out by Parliament´s Environment and Natural Resources committee and says that the wildlife populations of different species have declined by between 30-90 per cent since 1977 and warns that some animals could disappear in the next few decades if the trend is allowed to continue.

The wildlife species that have significantly declined and are critically threatened include elephants, rhinos, Grevy’s zebra, roan and stable antelopes, hirolas, bongos, lions and cheetahs, among others,” the committee chaired by Nominated MP Amina Abdalla says.

Besides poaching, which is one of the main causes, the committee also informs about other influences contributing to the dwindling numbers, like habitat loss due to increasing human settlement and developments, human-wildlife conflict, bush meat hunting, climate change and diseases.

Trade in wildlife bush meat was widespread and went on unabated, reaching a commercial scale where meat is sold openly in markets such as Burma in Nairobi,” the committee said.

Another important point besides the fact that much of the publicity on loss of wildlife has focused on elephants and rhinos, is that people should not forget about other species which are facing similar or even higher levels of threat to their survival.

At the moment Kenya accommodates a total of 8650 different wildlife species, according to the report which states that the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 witnessed the highest levels of poaching since the whole crisis began in the 1980s.


Author: Lunis Bolognino

Police warns: Watch out for the vehicle that hits yours from behind

on Tuesday, 06 October 2015.

Police recently warns: There is a re-emerging trend where criminals in vehicles hit their targets´ car from behind before robbing them when they stop.

On Tuesday Charles Owino, Kenya Police spokesman, said there was increase in the so called “ bump and rob ” cases. Especially in Nairobi, where more than 10 people have been attacked in the last two weeks.

For example Mr Timothy Rotich, who was driving along Manyanja Road when his car was hit by another vehicle from behind.

He just stopped to look at the damage, but instantly four men, one armed with a pistol, got out of the car and forced him to get to the back seat of his car.

They drove around with him in his car, a Suzuki Escudo (registration number: KBS 331S), before finally dumping him on Kangundo Road.

They robbed him of Sh10,000 and a mobile phone as well as his car. By Monday evening, the car had not been found.

Mr Owino recommends the public to first of all assess the situation or their surroundings before stopping their car.

In general it is safer to only stop the car when reaching a safe public place with lots of people and preferably policemen or other kinds of security.

We advise members of the public to be very cautious especially at night or in isolated areas. Additional police officers will be deployed in areas where such incidents have been reported,” he said.

The Police also prods to the issue that some, including a police officer, have been killed in similar circumstances.

On September 26, Constable Johnson Muimi, who was attached to the Anti-Narcotics Unit, was shot to death at the gate of Moi Forces Academy.

At around 9pm Mr Muimi had been driving along Juja Road when his car was hit by a motorbike from behind.

The officer stopped immediately to check the damage but one of the two men on the motorcycle took out a pistol and shot him in the heart.

Both attackers then escaped from the scene without stealing anything from him.

At least seven other cases were reported on Mombasa, Jogoo and Kangundo roads in the last week.



Author: Lunis Bolognino

Three pirates shot down by Ugandan soldiers at controversial Migingo Island

on Tuesday, 06 October 2015.

Ugandan soldiers have stepped up on Migingo Island in Lake Victoria, trying to banish pirates.


One of those soldiers said that they fear a possible revenge attack from the pirates after they just shot down three of them on Saturday.


“We are on high alert and we are leaving nothing to chance. We are prepared for a battle with them,” one of the soldiers said on Monday.


The soldiers killed the three pirates after they stumbled on them on the shores of the small island.


The suspects, probably Tanzanians, were coming with an engine-powered boat which was confiscated through that operation and afterwards towed to police post of Migingo Island.

Also three other suspicious people were arrested and then taken to Namayingo District in Uganda.


Migingo Beach Management Unit Chairmen John Obunge welcomed the operation.



Author: Lunis Bolognino

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