The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has announced job openings to bolster its intelligence wing, aiming to strengthen the fight against crime in the country.

DCI boss Mohamed Amin. [Kelly Ayodi, Image courtesy

The prospective recruits will be part of the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau (CRIB), headquartered at the DCI. CRIB has branches across all regions, counties, and sub-counties, collaborating with the headquarters on various crime-related operations.

A memo from the police headquarters has been circulated to all commanders, urging officers of the rank of Chief Inspector and below to apply to the DCI for potential recruitment. Eligible candidates must be serving police officers with a minimum grade of C plain in either Swahili or English and an overall mean grade of C plain in their KCSE.

“Diploma/degree holders in information technology or any other related field and valid driving license will have an added advantage,” the memo dater said .

Applicants should be under 40 years old, have passed the police law examination, possess no disciplinary issues, and demonstrate strong drafting and communication skills. The memo also notes that diploma/degree holders in information technology or related fields, along with a valid driving license, will have an added advantage.

The initiative follows recent changes within the unit, which has acquired modern equipment to enhance its operations. The newly appointed head of the unit is Dennis Okadapau, former director of Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) at the DCI. Okadapau takes over from John Onyango, who was recently promoted to deputy DCI.


By Janet Namalwa