Senators have launched investigation  into claims that the Kenya Union of Special Needs Education Teachers (KUSNET) has been registering teachers with disabilities without their consent.

Members of the Standing Committee on Labour and Social Welfare will conduct the investigation. Crystal Asige Nominated Senator, who raised a statement from the committee, on the floor of the House, demanded a list of all teachers with disabilities currently employed by the Teachers Service Commission, specifying their trade union affiliation. She also demanded duly executed registration and consent forms where a teacher is a member of the union.


council of senators in a session

council of senators in a session

“Clarify whether the teachers have the freedom to join trade unions of their choice as is their constitutional right and, if so, explain why some of them have, without their consent, been registered as members of the KUSNET and have continually been deducted monthly union dues,” Asige said.

Asige wants members of the committee to ascertain that the entire membership of KUSNET is verifiably genuine and conforms to the union’s registration guidelines.

“Outline remedial measures being taken to address the matter as well as refund all deductions made so far with respect to the improper registration of teachers with disabilities to this union,” Asige demanded.

Teachers Service Commission have been  recognised KUSNET in March 2021.

“The Commission hereby affords full recognition of the union as the body representing interests of special needs education teachers in the employment of the Commission and who are paid up members of the union and teachers with special needs in the employment of the Commission and who are paid up members of the union,” read the recognition agreement between TSC and Kusnet. All negotiations concerning terms and conditions of service in respect of members of the union shall be carried out between the commission and the Union, provided that all negotiations concerning remuneration shall be based on the mandatory and binding advisory of Salaries and Remuneration Commission.” She added

The recognition agreement also stated that negotiations between the employer and the Union would be conducted in a free and conducive environment.


By Janet Namalwa